Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Return of Jellies?: Part 2

Okay, as hard as this is for me to admit, I made a mistake in that last post covering Jellies (and modern versions of the rubber monstruosity). I hadn't considered the use of rubber and plastic as actually beneficial to the shoe design market. That is, until I recieved the following comment from Anonymous (really people, take 5 minutes and set up a blogger account if only to post comments, so we know who you are):

Um. Jellies are awesome. Those two particular pictures were ugly, yes. But there are plenty of other jellies out there that are cute, particularly flats. And in clear. So yeah. You're being a bit harsh, DONCHA THINK?

I did clarify in my last post that the example of Jellies that I used was from the eighties, which is the design that I remember from when I was a kid. But, as I found out from further research, there are actually a cuter, more modern version of the Jelly shoe still being marketed. You can find them online at Urban Outfitters for $16. [see below]

However, Anonymous still didn't recognize the last question I posed, which was what on earth would you wear them with? Yes, they're cuter than their ancestors, but still not wearable by my standards. I can't see myself working an outfit around these, can you? (Seriously, if you have any ideas, I'm open)

Jellies, $16, Urban Outfitters [available in Green (shown), Red, Turquoise, Black and White]

However, turning our attention away from Jellies for the moment, she made a good point about clear plastic being a cute casual alternative, which I agree with. One good example are the polka-dotted flats below.

Nice 14pt flat, $20, GoJane [available in Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, White (shown), and Yellow]

So, I recant a few of the nasty things I said about Jelly shoes. However, I'm still puzzled by their overall wearability, and still appalled by the fact that KORS shoes would even think of selling their rubber version of the gladiator sandal for $85. But that's the fashion world for ya, right?


Shomore said...

I, too, shudder to think that jellies are back in. I still recall how sweaty and sticky my feet were.

kira said...

I have those urban jellies in a neutral/gray color and to tell you the truth they're probably the most comfortable, breathable shoes i own. plus they were like.. ten bucks.

kira said...

i have those urban jellies in a gray color and honestly, they're the most wonderful, comfortable shoes i own. plus they were like.. ten bucks.