Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Return of Jellies?

I'm a child of the 90's, so I remember a bit about the Jelly shoe and it's "untimely demise." And as most of you know, Jellies might possibly be the ugliest shoe ever to hit the mainstream market.

Jelly shoes from the 80's, photo courtesy of

I personally don't even think that Crocs can compete with the unpractical, clear plastic monstruosity that is the Jelly shoe. So can you even imagine what the world would be like if they made a comeback? I can, but I don't think I even want to try.

At least I didn't until I stumbled upon these interesting pieces of footwear.

That's right, rubber sandals. Care to guess who designed them?
None other than Michael Kors.

Do these not remind anyone else of a higher-end version of the Jelly shoe?
Just as impractical, a bit more stylish I suppose (sort of a gladiator type style with a jewel detail over the toe, who knows why). But probably just as sweaty, and just as ridiculous.

Can you imagine any celebrity getting their hands on these? I sure can't. I can't even picture the least stylish person I know wearing these.

[KORS Shoes Jupiter Sandal, $85 (are you kidding me? I'm not even going to start on that one.), shopbop]

So what's your opinion on these? Am I the only person who sees a striking similarity between these and the Jelly shoe? Would you wear them? And if so, what with? (Do tell, I'm actually very interested)


Alex Richards said...

I used to LOVE jellies when I was a kit. But the blisters--ouch!

Anonymous said...

Um. Jellies are awesome. Those two particular pictures were ugly, yes. But there are plenty of other jellies out there that are cute, particularly flats. And in clear. So yeah. You're being a bit harsh, DONCHA THINK?

carlee said...

im 15 and i remember as a toddler, i was inlove with these shoes, so i decided to buy a pair,lmao,im wearing jellies right now as a matter of fact, just bought them yesterday. with the new trend of the gladiator style, mine are black and have a few straps. no blisters,no sweaty feet, infact really comfy. im wearing them with a pair of skinny jeans and a black blouse.

Sofia said...

Jellies RULE!!!!!!

Lion's Marmalade said...

Ummm, why do you have a "style blog?"
Jellies were amazing. They came in the greatest colors ever. I completely agree with the others that said they were cute.
I too like the gladiator style.